Spring Replacement


The number of people who suffer injuries related to springs in garage doors is on the rise. In 2007 more than 310 people were seriously hurt in America trying to DIY when it came to fixing springs.

If there is one thing that every the technician learns fast about springs is that yes, springs can kill. Not knowing how important the springs in the garage door are can lead you underestimate the actual tension locked up in a spring, such that when it breaks or snaps you can find yourself underneath a garage door that weights more than 250 lbs. We bet that’s not something you want to be thinking about. 

So in order to prevent such injuries from occurring we always warn people against DIY when it comes to spring replacement and prefer that they call us in instead. We know just how to work with these springs. We have been doing it for years and take special measures to ensure that we are safe when we are working. So don’t risk your life by trying to fix or replace these broken springs yourself, call us today.